Programme Outline

This is the list of activities, or things, that you will complete as part of Warwick's 23 Things programme. Every week a member of the 23 Things team will blog about the tasks for that week providing step-by-step instructions and option extras. In the first week you will create your own blog, you are then required to post an update about your progress each week.

A printable version of this list can be viewed and downloaded from Google Docs.

Publishing on the web (January 10)
1        Create a blog to record your progress with 23 Things
2        Write your first blog post
3        Register your blog to confirm your participation in the programme

Keeping up to date (January 17)
4        Create an iGoogle start page
5        Learn about RSS feeds
6        Subscribe to the RSS feed of the 23 Things blog

Time management (January 24)
7        Use Doodle to schedule a meeting with a fellow 23 Things participant
8        Add Doodle to your iGoogle page
9        Download Firefox and find out about what different browsers can offer

Networking (January 31)
10      Create a Twitter account and find some people to follow
11      Use Twitter to interact with other programme participants
12      Investigate how libraries are using Facebook

Reflection week (February 7)
13      Reflect on your progress with the programme so far

Getting organised (February 14)
14      Sign up to Diigo and add some bookmarks
15      Explore Zotero
16      Learn about EndNote Web

Multimedia sharing (February 21)
17      Create a Flickr account and upload some images
18      Learn about using images licensed under Creative Commons
19      Find and share library instruction videos on YouTube

Office 2.0 (February 28)
20      Add your blog to the UK Library blogs wiki
21      Create a document using Google Docs and share it with another 23 Things participant
22      Find presentations about social media on SlideShare

Catch-up week (March 7)
There are no set things to do this week so that you have the chance to catch up before the end of the programme next week.

Completion week (March 14)
23      Blog about your experience of 23 Things and register your completion