The end is in sight

So we are in to the penultimate week of the 23 Things programme and being the kind, thoughtful people that we are, there are no specific things for you to do this week. The intention behind this is to give you some time to catch up before the 23rd and final thing is posted next week.

Hopefully this will enable as many of you as possible to finish the programme ahead of the Friday 18th March deadline.

chequered flag by tharrin, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  tharrin 

To complete the programme successfully all we ask is that you have attempted each thing and blogged about your experiences each week. This week offers you the opportunity to double check this on your blog and catch up on any things you might have missed.

In addition to the final thing next week we will also be looking for your votes for the 23 things awards. If you thought awards season ended with the Oscars, you were wrong!