Thing 20: Editing Wikis

One Office 2.0 tool that promotes collaboration from multiple users is a wiki. The word 'wiki' is Hawaian for fast and the idea behind the concept of a wiki is that lots of different people can collaborate and generate content online and potentially over a short space of time. The following video provides a short introduction to wikis.

There are numerous ways wikis can be used including providing links to useful resources or tutorials and working as a group on a project to name a few. 

For this 'Thing' there is an option of two tasks.

  1. One wiki that we are looking at this week is the UK Library Blogs wiki. This resource is a great signpost to blogs from other libraries and library professionals. It can also be used to promote your blog. For Thing 20 you need to add your blog to the UK Library Blogs wiki by following the step-by-step instructions. OR
  2. Have a look at Wikipedia and edit an entry. For a number of pages you do not need an account - for further information have a look at these step-by-step instructions

Optional Extras
There are lots of different wikis - have a look through some of these links to see how other people are using wikis.
  • Library Success Wiki - this was set up as a best practice wiki about work taking place in Libraries.
  • Library Wikis - links to examples of wikis used in mainly American Libraries. 
In addition there have been a number of wikis set up for specific projects including the Library Routes project (a wiki linking to blog postings from library professionals about how they got into Libraries and how their career has developed) and the Library Day in a Life project (a wiki linking to experiences of Library people over a specific week).