Thing 14 - Diigo

Week 6 is all about getting organised by effectively storing, managing and sharing the information you have found.

We will look at 3 different tools:

  • Diigo
  • Zotero
  • Endnote Web

All of these resources will help you to store different types of information and save you time in re-finding them. Endnote Web and Zotero go one step further and will help you to create customised bibliographies/reference lists. Thing 14 is covered by this blog post and will involve investigating Diigo. Things 15 and 16 will follow in the next post and will look at Endnote Web and Zotero.

Diigo (Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other Stuff)

Are you fed up of finding good websites and then not being able to re-find them? Do you want to share useful websites with your colleagues? Then Diigo could be for you! Diigo allows you to save and share your favourite websites. It works in a similar way to the Delicious service that some of you may be familiar with (but Delicious is up for sale and faces an uncertain future).

With Diigo you can:
  • Bookmark your favourite websites and then access them from any PC that you login to.
  • Tag (or index!) your favourite websites so that you can easily search for them later on.
  • Highlight or annotate your chosen websites, making notes that will be there the next time you visit the site.
  • Share your favourite websites with colleagues. You might want to think about sharing sites across your team.
  • Search for websites and view other people’s reviews and comments.
Thing 14: Create a Diigo account and download the Diigo toolbar. Please download the step by step instructions to get started! Once your account is active, bookmark some of your favourite web sites and add some tags and /or highlights.

Optional extra:
Share your favourite websites with a colleague.


Anne R said...

Great - I have now rescued my delicious bookmarks!