Thing 13 - a time for reflection

It is week 5 and that means we are half way through the programme.

This week we haven't got a new site for you to explore. Instead, all we're asking you to do is write a blog post reflecting on your journey through the programme so far.

Some things you might like to consider are:

          • Which thing have you found most useful so far?
          • Do you feel more confident online using social media sites?
          • How can you apply what you've learned to your work?
          • Does this style of delivery suit your learning style?

And finally, a reminder that there is a 23 Things drop-in in the Training Room on Wednesday 9 February from 14:00 - 16:00. Come along if you have any questions, or want any help from the team, or if you just want a quiet place to catch-up on your things.