Introduction to Office 2.0

What is Office 2.0?

Image by Flickr user mansikka.
Office 2.0 is a term used to describe web-based products that can be used as an alternative to traditional desktop applications. Rather than using Word, PowerPoint and Excel on your own computer– we now have the option to use products and services provided over the internet (sometimes referred to as services available via the 'cloud'). These alternative tools are easily accessible from any machine and operating system at any time.

Office 2.0 sits neatly within the concept of web2.0 encouraging collaboration and sharing resources. Examples of Office 2.0 tools includes collaboration on wikis, sharing presentations on SlideShare and working together on documents using Google Docs to name a few.

Advantages of Office 2.0

·         The tools are often free.
·         Resources are easily accessible – and if there was a problem with your computer you could still easily access the resource from another machine.
·         Office 2.0 is really useful for collaboration – people can share documents without having to worry about the format/version of the document they are working on. It is also possible for more than one person to work on the same document at the same time.
·         Low maintenance of the software – you do not have to worry about upgrades, security patches etc. The online provider will do that for you.

Potential disadvantages of Office 2.

  • Privacy can be a concern - you do control access to the documents - so you can determine who you are sharing them with. However you may not be comfortable sharing your resources online via another company's server.
  • Internet access - in order to use Office 2.0 resources you do need to have access to the internet - and your experience of using these tools may be effected by the speed of you connection etc. 
This week we will be looking at several Office 2.0 tools including wikis, Google Docs and Slideshare.