Things 7-8: Time management - Doodle

This week we are going to be looking at two tools to help with time management. First up is Doodle, which constitutes Things 7 and 8. Thing 9 follows in the next blog post, where we will be looking at Mozilla Firefox.

What is Doodle?
Doodle is a great way to schedule any event which includes several people – whether it’s a work meeting or a personal social engagement. You don’t need to register to use Doodle and it’s very easy to use. The idea is that you set up an ‘event’ and input several days and times that are suitable. You then invite all attendees to go to a webpage and view the suggested times. They tick which they are able to attend, and by the end you should be able to see which time most people can make.

Is Doodle relevant to libraries?
Doodle can be used to schedule any sort of meeting or event within the Library, from a one-to-one with your manager, to a team or divisional meeting, to organising a staff social. If you want to read a review of Doodle from a librarian’s point of view, have a look at this blog post: Musings about Librarianship

The Warwick Option
Warwick’s equivalent to Doodle is the Outlook calendar. Outlook provides the facility for you to suggest a time for an event, and e-mail it out to a number of participants. They can then accept or decline the invitation, or suggest a more suitable time. The advantages to using Outlook are that it’s integrated within your e-mail, so there is no need to visit a website, and that Outlook can be set to notify participants as events are about to take place. The disadvantages are that only one date/time can be suggested at once, so it may take several attempts to find a mutually convenient time, and also that all participants must be set up to use Outlook, which may not always be the case. Doodle can be synched to your Outlook calendar, so that your Doodle events also show up in Outlook.

Things 7 and 8 - Use Doodle to schedule a meeting with a fellow 23 Things participant, and then add it to your iGoogle page
Please download the step-by-step instructions to get going!

Optional extras
1. Experiment further with Doodle
  • Synch it with your Outlook Calendar
  • Investigate the different options you can set for your event
2. Explore some other ways of scheduling meetings
3. Think about time management