Things 5 and 6 : RSS feeds

Thing 5: Learn about RSS feeds.

You don't need to know what "RSS" stands for, only what the feeds are. If you subscribed to any news or weather gadgets on your iGoogle start page for Thing 4, chances are you're already using RSS feeds. It's basically a way to get content from one web page to appear somewhere else in a dynamic way, so that you get to see all the updates in a location of your choice.

If you want to read more, have a look at the Optional Extra links below.

Thing 6: Subscribe to the RSS feed of the 23 Things blog.

A subscription to this blog will help make it easier for you to follow all the Things and instructions on how to do them. By subscribing, you will get to see when the latest 23 Things instructions are published.

Basic subscription
Look for the orange RSS symbol on the left of this blog page, under the heading "Subscribe to". Note that you have more than one feed available, but the one we're going to use now is called Posts. Click on the little arrow right of this Posts heading and you will be offered a choice of how to subscribe. Choose the "Add to Google" button. A new window will open, to offer you the choice of adding this feed to your "Google home page" or to Google Reader. Select "Google home page" and you will find have another box on your iGoogle start page, showing headings from this blog.

If you like, you could choose to see comments from the blog on your iGoogle start page as well by following exactly the same steps for the All comments RSS feed.

You can also download these instructions as a pdf file, with screen-shots included.

There are also some advanced instructions available this week, for those who would like to explore using Google Reader as a way of monitoring RSS feeds. Download the advanced instructions.

Optional Extras for Week 2
Read about RSS feeds on the Library's own Support for Research pages
To see technical stuff, have a look at "good old" Wikipedia:
To browse RSS feeds and explore further, you might find the RSS Compendium helpful.