Things 1-3: Publishing on the web

The theme of the things this week is publishing on the web. For us this means blogging.

What is blogging?
I blog... by alamodestuff
Blogging is the art of writing a blog. A blog is a dynamic website which comprises of regular entries, or posts, displayed in reverse-chronological order. Blogs started off as personal online journals but have more recently been developed for many different purposes. Blogs are no longer only used by individuals but by organizations too; they can be used to communicate news to customers, to promote products and services, as travelogues or photo blogs.

Is blogging relevant to libraries?
Many librarians write individual blogs to reflect on their work and comment on developments in libraries and librarianship. Some examples are the blogs of Andy BurkhardtBobbi NewmanNed PotterAndy PriestnerLaura Wilkinson and Andy Woodworth.

Libraries are also using blogs to communicate with their users. They are used for news updates, to promote new resources or in some cases as the main website for a library service.

Blogging and 23 Things
Blogging is a key element of the 23 Things programme as it is how we keep track of your progress. Every time you complete a thing we ask that you write about it on your blog. You should think about writing about your experience using each tool, write about what you liked, or didn't like about it, and perhaps how you think it could be used in libraries. Posts that contain little more than a line stating your completion of the task are not in the spirit of the programme and will not be considered sufficient.

Things 1 and 2: Create your blog and write your first post
There are many different platforms which you can use to create a blog, Warwick's very own blogs.warwick included. We have chosen to give instructions for how to create a Blogger blog.  Download the step-by-step instructions (to print open the File menu within Google Docs and click Print (PDF)), or watch the video below which takes you through all the steps necessary to set up a Blogger blog and write your first post. Alternatively you may choose to use one of the other free blog providers like Wordpress or Tumblr.

Before creating your blog why not gather some inspiration from the blogs of participants on the Cambridge and Oxford programmes:

Thing 3: Register to take part in the programme
The final thing this week is a quick one. Register your participation in Warwick's 23 Things programme by filling in this short form.

Optional extras


    DC said...

    Just wondering why Blogger?

    What are the pros and cons of the various blog platforms out there?

    Emma said...

    Thanks for your comment.

    We're using Blogger for two reasons. Firstly, it's the most simple blogging software for beginners. Secondly, it's a Google site and in order to limit the number of accounts we're asking participants to create we'll be using Google services where possible.

    In my experience the main choice for new bloggers is between Wordpress and Blogger. As explained above Blogger is often chosen for its simplicity. Whilst this is a benefit for beginners, more experienced bloggers find it restrictive. Wordpress provides more options for customisation and functionality of your blog.

    Big D said...

    Thanks for your advice. As I am a google account holder anyway I've gone for Blogger because of the ease as you say!

    Can 23 things' participants share our blogs with you and other participants through this blog? If so, here's my link:

    Emma said...

    Thanks Donna. I've created a page called participants blogs and will be adding all the blogs there as people register.