Thing 9: Time management - Firefox

The last thing this week is to investigate a different web browser: Mozilla Firefox.

What is Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox is an alternative web browser to Microsoft's Internet Explorer. It is 'open source', which means that it has been written by enthusiastic volunteers, and is therefore free for anyone to download and use. All these developers not only work on Firefox itself, but develop thousands of 'add-ons' which can be added into Firefox to provide extra functionality. This means that there is an opportunity for enhancing your browser to do lots of exciting things. This ranges from being able to choose a background image to the menu area (I currently have a giant ladybird at the top of my screen), to being able to change what happens when you type different things into the address bar. Here are some examples of some favourite add-ons:

  • CoolPreviews lets you preview a webpage when you hover over a link, rather than actually having to visit the site.
  • Fireshot allows you to take a screenshot of the webpage you are viewing.
  • Read It Later allows you to add articles and webpages to a 'reading list' for you to browse when you have more time.
  • WeatherBug provides the current temperature and weather, as well as a forecast for the next three days, in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.
Is Firefox relevant to libraries?
Firefox is relevant to anyone, anywhere! It can be downloaded onto any computer, and used in just the same way as Internet Explorer. You may find add-ons that can save you time in the workplace, or when using the Internet at home.

Thing 9: Download Firefox
Download the step-by-step instructions for Thing 9.

Optional extras

  • Check out this list of 100 recommended add-ons
  • Have a browse of the Firefox website to find out about all its features. You can take a tour, or just read about 'What makes Firefox the best'.
  • If you want to find out about other browsers besides Firefox, have a look at Google Chrome and Apple Safari. Or, for quite a technical comparison of browsers, look at this Wikipedia article.