Staff open day presentation: Web 2.0 and 23 Things

Below are the slides from our presentation at the staff away day on 4 January. In the spirit of 23 Things they have been uploaded to Slideshare.

From the discussion workshops after the presentation we picked up on a couple of questions people still have. I have answered the main ones here, but if there are any more please add them to the comments or contact one of the team directly.

How much time will I be required to dedicate to the programme each week?
The amount of time will depend on your previous experience and general IT skills but we expect the weekly tasks to take up to 2 hours. We have also built in time throughout the programme to allow you to catch up; in weeks 5, 9 and 10 no new things will be posted.

How will I fit in 23 Things alongside my commitments to a rota of jobs, or if I do not have easy access to a computer?
All staff wishing to take part in the programme should discuss it with their line manager. In this conversation you can raise these questions and discuss possible solutions.