Managing your online identity

One aspect of web 2.0 that I expect to cause some concern amongst participants on the 23 Things programme is privacy. It was certainly a hot topic on the Oxford programme, in fact we had one participant who completed the programme anonymously through his alter-ego, Konnie Bunny and her friends the Bodley Bunnies.

It is important to be concerned about privacy in an online context. Before signing up to a new service you should always take note of the privacy options available and adjust the settings where necessary. Many sites will give you a variety of options allowing you to set the privacy settings at a level to suit you. This will include an option to keep your whole profile private, or open to only those users you choose to share your information with.

You need to consider not only the privacy settings of the sites you use, but also what information you choose to put online. Ultimately you are in control of your own online identity. The presentation below from the Web Services department at the University of Bath covers some important points about managing your online identity. Take a look and keep these thoughts in mind as you progress through the programme.