Thing 4: Create an iGoogle start page

What is it?
An iGoogle start page is a page you can create for yourself, incorporating information from a number of other websites and handy tools onto one page. A start page can save you time visiting separate websites, and help you to keep up to date.

How long will it take me?
If you go to not signed in to your Google account, you will see a page encouraging you to create your own start page in a matter of seconds. This "thing" could be quick... or not if you want to explore all the amazing little boxes you can put onto your page!

What benefits will I gain?
What you add to your iGoogle start page will depend on how you want to use it. You could use it like a memo board. You can add features like calendars and "days since" and "days til" counters onto your page. There is a Christmas countdown tool! You can add a to-do list and feeds from other places like your e-mail or Facebook.

You could use it as a toolkit, with dictionaries, currency converters, Unit converters, translating tools, a calculator, a National Rail enquiries look-up tool, whatever takes your fancy.

You could use it as a page of search boxes to access lots of other sites you regularly use. You can add YouTube, EBay and Amazon search boxes amongst others, or links to almost anything that interests you.

Or you can treat your start page as a combination of all of these types of use! Download step by step instructions to get started.

The Warwick option
Warwick Uni has it's own start page: If you sign in with your Warwick username and password, you will find it already populated with some different tabs of boxes that you might find handy. The first tab has videos of useful stuff you can explore. If you use Files.warwick or the EAT card, you may find this start page a useful place to visit, or even use as your home page.

Another option
MyYahoo! works in a similar way to iGoogle.